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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 26, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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attraction. that's all ahead. good morning. it's friday november 26th black friday i'm kraig debro. >> i'm claudine wong. let's take a look at weather and traffic. >> hello. we have clear skies for most. already clouds are starting to move in toward mend see toe county. lows again in the upper 20s and 30s. a little warmer toward the santa clara valley. temperatures getting warmer. a few upper 50s. here is tara. traffic is expected to be light. 880 looking good. along the east shore traffic is also flowing well. let's head back to the desk. it is black friday. many stores are offering opening up way before dawn to handle a lot of holiday bargain
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hunters. one of the stores just opened up their doors moments ago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. folks willing to wait out in the cold for that deal. the line is moving at this time. folks are stream into the best buy here in san francisco. that line by the way stretches down to the end of the building then around the corner and around the block. we have video of those doors opening up and you can tell the excitement shoppers here had for that. there are 42 door buster deals here at best buy. that's what folks have been lining up for. they have been lining up for some of the door buster deals nintendo wii and 32-inch come bee deal for $400. we talked to folks that have been in line here since tuesday. earlier this morning we heard isolated reports of shoving in line here. we talked to a couple of folks
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in line. there were folks trying to cut in line. that would cause friction if you can imagine if you've been waiting in line for hours and someone tries to cut in line. take a look, you can see the store humming with activity right now. it is just after 5:00 a.m.. a lot of folks lining up here again for that deal on nintendo wiis. a lot of folks tell us they are looking for deals on computers and looking for deals on big screen tvs. consumer electronics the big deal here for black friday. a lot of consumer experts are saying that is your best buy no pun intended for black friday are those big ticket electronic items. we will continue to update you and find out what consumers are buying and what they have to say about their long wait. for now we are live in for example christian. our team coverage continues with ktvu jade hernandez who is
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joining us live from target in walnut creek. good morning jade. >> reporter: good morning. target handed out these maps to show shoppers where to go. show shoppers what they can get their hands on if they came in at 4:00 a.m.. target doors opened an hour ago to this. >> let's go. let's go. >> no running. no running. >> reporter: believe me the line wrapped around the building earlier this morning. the first shoppers through the door started forming that line outside the store doors before midnight. the big ticket item here $300 west ton house lcd. they made sure no one ran through the store. they made sure the customers made it through the doors. some shoppers were getting others were disappointed. tell me was it worth it this
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morning? >> definitely not. >> reporter: why was it not worth it? >> well, by the time i got here they already ran out of everything that we wanted or that i wanted. >> reporter: was it worth it? >> got our tv, yeah we're good. >> reporter: now you're looking at the crazy lines at kohls in pleasant hills. the doors open there at 3:00 a.m.. retailers offered incentives to entice shoppers in. coming up we will talk to the experts the great mall. the doors open the at midnight. we'll find out how they handled the crowd. they expect 40,000 people to go through their doors today. reporting live jade hernandez. hundreds of bargain hungry shoppers got a start at toys r us at 2:00 a.m.. police tell us the store called them to help monitor the
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situation. no reports of any incidents. shoppers say they are glad more stores opened their doors earlier this year. >> it's one of the first places to open and do this. we are pretty excited about it. are you excited aleja? yeah. >> do you know what you want to buy? there? >> a lot of stuff. >> the old navy is back open this morning after a short turn around. the store reopened at midnight. bart will be running longer trains on this black friday to help shuttle thousands of shoppers around the bay area. and bart police officers will be at several station this morning for a safety message for riders. you should be aware of your surroundings. they say don't buy more than you can safety carry. and be cautious of strangers that approach.
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time now is 5:05. police in san francisco are look for the gunman responsible for a deadly shooting. it happened in the japantown neighborhood just before 9:00 last night. a gunman shot and killed a young woman in 20s. three hours later san francisco police responded to another shooting. this one happened in the cities mission district not far from general hospital. one person was wounded in the gunfire on the 1,000 block of hamster street. this is a max yum enforce -- this is maximum enforcement weekend. they say drunk driving is down in the bay area. across the state 289 drivers were arrested. that is up from 271 in the same
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period a year ago. in the 12 hour reporting period there was no fatalities. this happened wednesday night in the downtown san rafael area. police say a man backed up and hit the officer while attempting to avoid a dui check point. officer christopher sweeney suffered sprains and bruises in the incident. the driver rodriguez of nevada he is in jail. he's being held in lieu of $50,000. tara moriarty joins us live with a look at the traffic. i was on the roads this morning and saw a lot of drivers. >> if you do want to take mass transit this morning ace is not running. parking meters will be enforced throughout san francisco today. right now let's take a live look outside. we can show you here highway 24. traffic on the right hand side of the street as you make your
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way westbound everything looking great. at the bay bridge toll plaza hopefully it will stay this way throughout entire morning. and finally 280 in san jose traffic also flowing well in both directions. here is steve. thank you very much. we have clear skies here. higher clouds leading edge of a system that will be here saturday for rain. it will give us one day of rain. that will be saturday probably starting in the morning. right now we are under clerisy ever skies and it's a cold one. because the system is coming in the wicked can wind can turn -- because the system is coming in the wind can turn subtlely. 44 san francisco which by the way did tie a record low yesterday. 42 the old mark was tied back in 1892. there were impressive records. palo alto holding at 31.
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zero up in tahoe. 29 ukiah with high clouds. that will be a cold day. 40s and 30s all the way down to southern california. i'm sure we will be hearing about record lows. that system continues to march in. a lot of cold air to the north. that will give us a pretty good rain on saturday. today it's a cold morning. sunshine followed by increasing high clouds and it will be slightly warmer. san jose 58. why san jose warmer than morgan hill? morgan hill will cool off more. a degree or two warmer. then we will bring in rain tomorrow. not showers. it will clear out on sunday, monday, and tuesday. time now is 5:09. a bay area family is on a heartbreaking journey. we'll tell you about the one bay area native killed in combat. we are continuing to watch
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the escalation treatment in north korea.
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this morning the parents of san jose marine are on their way to dover to retree their son -- retrieve their sons body. he was killed tuesday in afghanistan. he posted this photo on this
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facebook page. he attended piedmont hills. he was based at camp pend l ton. the united states has been in afghanistan for nine years and 50 days. that is the same amount of time the old soviet union spent in afghanistan without success. u.s. and allies launched a campaign in 2001 to wipe out al qaeda leader osama bin laden and the taliban. they plan to put out american troops in july of next year. they could remain until the afghan government is ready to take over its own security. even though they were far from home they celebrated thanks giving. the military says 100,000 pounds of turkey was flown into afghanistan and there was some entertainment. troops say it was important for them to mark the holiday with traditions from back home. >> the enemy does not pause to take a break but we do try to pause for a few minutes here and try to make it as normal as possible. >> president obama showed his
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appreciation of the troops. he called members from each branch of the service to wish them a happy thanksgiving. christmas comes for the white house today. michelle obama will be presented with an 18-foot douglas fur. it will arrive on a horse drawn carriage. it will be on display in the blue room. north korea sent a chilly message to the world. they are pushing the peninsula to the brink of war. she has the overnight developments of the escalating crisis. >> reporter: definitely. very tough talk coming out of north korea. they are planning military drills beginning sunday. this comes after tuesday's attack from the north to the south on this little island and
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the u.s. military is now planning to send uss george washington to the yellow sea as a defensive measure during these drill. i should note these drills were planned months ago before this attack. clearly the tensions are high. the rhetoric is escalating. the north saying this is a reckless measure and it pushes the korean peninsula closer to the brick of war. further to mention after this attack south korean defense man resigned they have announced a replacement but they said that replacement is still ongoing and there is a search for that replacement. clearly a little disaquaria there -- a little disarray there. but the u.s. is going to back
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anything. craig and claudine back to you. >> four people were killed in that attack. two marines and two civilians. tara is in for sal. what is happening out there? >> it is expected to be a light traffic day due to the thanks giving day holiday. that is the good news. here's a look at 180 split. and san francisco let's take a look at 101 traffic also looking pretty good. a little bit heavier than yesterday, of course, but things looking pretty good. and down in the southbound 237 traffic on the right hand side there westbound as you make your way toward sunnyvale also looking pretty good. we have clear skies right now. clouds coming in a little bit later. they will drag across later on but lows upper 20s. low 30s. it looks like we will be warming up a little bit. now this is leading to rain on
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sat. it looks like in the morning for the north bay and by noon san francisco, oakland, vallejo and late afternoon south of that if this thing continues to march in which i think it will. sunday we will clear it out. today cold morning. mostly sunny. slightly warmer. mainly toward the santa clara valley. concord and livermore holding there at 30. mid 30s san jose. san francisco 44. i did see a couple of upper 30s though. there are a couple. two below up in lake tahoe. 30 ukiah with high clouds. set a low sacramento. going back and breaking the old mark in 1880. these are really impressive lows. and look at palm springs 37. santa maria 35. las vegas 30. that is very cool air for not
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only us but them. here comes the system. a lot of cold air here. the higher clouds will start to move in today. cold morning. a little lower. the wind tushes southerlily. mid to upper 50s san jose, campbell, slightly warmer. high clouds today. cloudy rain moves on saturday. monday will be another cold morning. mostly sunny on tuesday. time now 5:18 markets move lower worldwide overnight with investigators worried about debt in europe. japan's nikkei moved down lightly. the overseas markets remain getterly following the -- getterly following the recent military clash. the markets were closed for
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the thanks giving holiday but they will be open for today. now the new york stock exchange and nasdaq will only be open for part of the day today. closing at 10:00 our time this morning. san francisco basted dell monetary foods have confirmed they will be sold for $5.3 billion. they would assume $1.3 billion of debt. under a shop around option del monte can find a better deal. apple is making a move in the south bay. apple has bought 98 acres from its rival tech giant packard.
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time now is 5:19. one of the most popular vacation spots for people in the bay area. find out why lake tahoe is on the top of a climate change list. what a study is telling us about secondhand smoke. here a look at 880 near the oakland coliseum. we'll have more traffic coming up.
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i will say good morning. we have clear skies for right now. upper 20s. napa at 29 degrees. we'll have sunshine in the morning and higher clouds in the afternoon. highs in the 50s. 5:22 there will not be an spare the air quality alert today. it also means that people would be prohibited from using wood burning fireplaces and steves. several sierra nevada ski resort will be open this morning. alpine meadows opens today which is earlier than anticipated. squall valley, north star, heavenly, and royal were already open. the world's largest lakes including lake tahoe have been
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warming rapidly. nasa scientists look at data to look at 100 lakes around the world. they have warmed two degrees in the past 25 years. lake tahoe is one of the lakes that swarming the most. tahoe has heated up by thready degrees. secondhand smoke causes 300 deaths a year. one-third of the killed by secondhand smoke are kids. the u.s. has one of the lowest rates of people exposed to secondhand smoke. several u.s. cities have put in smoking bans in public areas. >> i worked in the public when there were no laws like that and now there is. the difference is huge. >> in the bay area san francisco and santa clara county approved antismoking law
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laws. sanly an doe police arrested -- san leandro police arrested a man for beating a puppy. he was one of the two men seen beating the puppy with a bottle in the citi bank parking lot. the border collie mix had severe head wounds and died from its injuries. pg&e crews restored power to 1,000 resident. a car hit a power pole near the intersection of market and 21st street. the top of the pole remained upright. the crash called other poles to splinter and tilt. a toy drive and a debate about carrying guns in public. with the cold weather upon us some people are turning on their heaters for the first time. and firefighters say that could lead to a problem if your
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heater is not working properly. a string of robberies in contra costa county. east shore freeway looking good. coming up we'll have parking information for you in san francisco.
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i'm claudine wong. pam cook also has the day off. time now is 5:28 let's head
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over to steve on this very chilly morning. >> we do have mostly clear skies. high clouds moving in toward the knot. we start off upper 20s. mostly 30s. we send up with mostly sunny skies. highs slightly warmer. south bay with a few upper 50s now. here is tara. here is a look at the east shore freeway. you can see things are moving along nicely at this hour. next up we have 280 near san jose. you can see traffic is looking good. craig and claudine. it is black friday. one of the busiest shopping days of the years. many stores are opening up before dawn. ktvu christian captain is live in san francisco where the doors to one store opened 30 minutes ago. good morning. >> reporter: i tried to save
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you a place in line. but it was tough. take a look at how crowded this store is. it looks like it could be noon on any other busy day. it's absolutely packed inside this best buy. this is just 5:30 in the morning. we have video of the doors opening. you can see the crowd rushing in. the line was down to the end of the building and wrapped halfway up around the block. now there were some isolated reports of pushing and shoving in line. we were hearing it was nothing too serious. folks tell us it started when folks tried to cut in line. that is something that could cause friction. the reason for those long lines. the door buster deals here. the deals like a nintendo wii and 32-inch tv combo deal for $400. shoppers we talked to this morning braving the cold temperatures were worth it. >> pretty good.
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i got tv and ps3. >> reporter: how much? >> with the extended warranty $800. >> reporter: and security is telling us this is just the beginning opinion -- this is the just the beginning. they are expecting big crowds. there is metal barricades over here that was to help guide the crowds as they came in. you can see the stream of cars coming in. a lot of folks just now arriving. clearly this crowd will be keeping up all day today. folks are hoping -- retailers are hoping this will be a very good black friday. we'll continue to update you and see what folks are saying here coming up later on. for now we are live in san francisco. >> thousands of black friday shoppers got up early for the midnight opening at the great mall in mill pedous.
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as you can see the shoppers filling up the mall from wall to wall. some stores are offering 40-60% off at the register. >> it's my first black friday. i'm enjoying it so far. it's kind of fun. i guess i will find out in the long run if it's worth it. >> after this we will go to target, walmart, all over the place. >> parking lot attendants are on hand this morning to keep traffic moving. great mall will be open until 10:00 tonight. the cold weather has people turning on their heaters for the first time this season. ktvu ali is live in berkeley where it may have caused trouble this morning. >> reporter: good morning. berkeley firefighters and paramedics came to this house about an hour ago. they came here because
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residents reported feeling dizzy. there are firefighters outside the home. making sure there was no gas leak inside this house. the fire chief told us the people at this home did say they turned on their heater for the very first time last night. this is the time of year people should be aware of heaters not working properly and the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. >> if the heater hasn't been used in a long time it can get a build up of dust and dirt. sometimes that will create a foul smell or smell of something burning. sometimes even a little bit of smoke and carbon monoxide levels. >> reporter: firefighters tell me so far with their equipment they have not found any signs of carbon monoxide in the house. a pg&e worker is inside the house with his equipment.
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in the meantime we can pan over and see in the ambulance that is where some of the residents of this home are hanging out and staying warm as firefighters and pg&e check out the house. reporting live in berkeley ally rasmus. over -- the survey reports the quake hit at 1:15 in the morning. and it was centered near bethel island. a holiday toy drive could be at the center of debate. they are maggenning to meet this -- they are planning to meet this saturday. the event will double as a toy drive. people against the group of carrying guns in public will show up at that meeting and protest. >> these people don't have to have any training or screening.
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so it's a bad idea. >> you never predict when the criminal will come and rob you and assault you. >> california gun owners can carry a gun as long as they are unloaded and holstered and not carried near schools or government building. the east bay is trying to solve a string of robberies. around 1:00 a.m. an employee was takeout the trash when three men assaulted hill. one was armed with a bat. the other had a knife. the men took $600 and left. they wore dark clothing and their faces were covered. that's similar to other robberies. two police departments sharing information to determine if these robberies are related. >> right now it's too difficult to say whether it's the same suspects but based on the descriptions there is
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similarities there. >> police say what victims can do is doing what they are told and be a good witness. police responded to a home on pepper tree way. one victim was down on the curb and the second victim a woman was found inside the home. the woman suffered a gunshot wound to her arm and the other victim was shot in the neck. we are still waiting to hear from police. there are unconfirmed reports that police will searching for two suspects. police are looking for a suspect in a shooting. officers say the shooting suspect is a man in his late 60s. the victim is in his 40s. the unidentified man has been air lifted to medical center. let's go to tara who is in
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for sal. something about the toll plaza? >> yeah. we have pretty light traffic out there on bay area roadways. however there are parts that are crowded right here we're taking a live look at the south land mall in hayward. these should be your traffic areas of the morning. definitely take it slowly through there. you don't want to get in a fender bender. all right let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the traffic flowing nicely in san francisco. over in the east bay traffic 24 westbound also looking pretty good. here is steve. thank you. temperatures continue to be on the chilly side. i have seen a couple upper 30s in san francisco. but looks to be running a little bit warmer than it has in the next couple of mornings. my computer is stuck. >> what about the records you
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talked about yesterday? there would be more records possiblely. maybe you have broken some. >> craig yesterday strength was -- craig yesterday san francisco was 42. >> did they have electricity back then? >> no. it was also sacramento breaking the record going back to 1880. cold and high clouds. the clouds are getting closer. this will associate with a system that will be here saturday. rain will make it into the north bay. for everybody else late morning early afternoon and the clouds will move in later on. a cold morning and mostly sunny. 50s slightly warmer. a little bit more of a south wind today out in advance of that system. 30s and 40s. officially in san francisco 44. i did see 39 diamond heights and 39 twin peaks. oakland berkeley 37.
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there are upper 20s. napa santa rosa upper 20s around there and also around wood side. menlo park 29. palo alto says 31. 16 in reno. 30 ukiah. sacramento 33. look at the temperatures down to palm springs it's cold down there. we will have mostly sunny skies today as this system inches closer though. some of the clouds will be on the increase. slightly warmer. with the clouds coming in tonight the overnight lows will be noticeably warmer. a little warmer toward san jose. cloudy the rain moves in on sat. clears out on sunday. another cold morning on monday. thank you. the citrus crop seems to be escaping serious damage. they can freeze if temperatures
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drop below 28 degrees fahrenheit for more than four hours. temperatures in the valley fell for 27 degrees before a couple hours. similar conditions overnight helped to ward off a potentially devastating frost. teenagers rescued from the south pacific. what their families did while the teens were gone. the families now say they regret. there is a day honoring small business. this is a look at highway 4 through bay point. traffic looking good. we will show you your other bay area roadways coming up in traffic.
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good morning. it is officially 44 in san francisco. but diamond heights is 39- degrees. union square 6:00 p.m. tonight the christmas tree lightning. it will be chilly with temperatures in the upper 40s. here is a quick look at the top stories we following for you right now. north korea has warned the south korea over plans for joint military maneuvers. those exercises will put the peninsula on a brink of war. that strike killed four south koran yays. this morning police in san francisco are looking for a gunman responsible for a deadly shooting. it happened in japantown neighborhood. a gunman shot and killed a young woman in her 20s. bay area stores and malls are drawing in big crowds on this black friday morning. bargain hunters are trying to
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get deals. from black friday to a brand new shopping day of the week. small business saturday which is tomorrow. the idea is to support local businesses in your own community to boost the economy and boost jobs. several advocacy groups are driving that push. for every $100 spent in locally owned stores $68 returns to the local community through taxes and payroll. and then lookout for cyber monday which is quickly becoming one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. cyber monday the monday after thanks giving is a realtively new phenomenon that seems to grow every year. figures show cyber monday shoppers spend an average of $180 each. federal agents will release details about the discovery of u.s. border to san diego. those agents swarmed a
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warehouse in san diego early saturday morning. and they discovered an under ground tunnel. several people were arrested and an undisclosed of marijuana was seized. this is the 76th tunnel discovered along the u.s. border. three teenage boys are back on land this morning. that after spending 50 days adrift. after an extensive air and sea search failed they were convinced they died at sea. the trio was arrested two days ago after a passing boat spotted them and picked them up. they were sunburned andy hydrated. they survived by collecting rainwater and eating coconut and fish. the highway patrol officer had been called in to -- the highway patrol helicopter had to be called in for a rescue.
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the injured hiker was taken to john mere medical center. the hiker hurt his back and ankle. one man is dead after a plane crash in holster. the 28-year-old pilot had just taken off at 6:30 yesterday morning. according to the airport the man was on route to australia via hawaii. the federal grand jury has indicted a humboldt county man who sent a threaten letter to president obama. he is currently in state custody on different charges. he previously served time for sending a letter with white powdery substance. driver's licenses are piling up at the dmv.
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it's about two weeks behind its processing applications across the state. dmv receives 38,000 applications a day. the delay is partly on enhanced security features that will make new driver's licenses more tamperproof. traffic heavier today than yesterday tara says. but how are things looking right now? >> still pretty light compared to a normal day. right now we will head over to the east bay. the head lights there are westbound. and let's take a live look. this is pictures from chopper two. parking lot filling up quickly there. people hunting down the door buster deals. this is right in front of the target. if you are planning on doing shopping you want to get an early start. let's take a look at 680 near the sunol grade not a lot of folks out there.
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here is steve. thank you very much. we have clear skies right now. the leading edge of our system and rain for saturday is starting to move into the picture. higher clouds moving into mendocino county. looks like northern sonoma county. we'll start off clear and cold and morning sun. we are not expecting any rain today. it won't be in until late today. some of the morning lows if it wasn't for the cloud cover we might be colder than this. kenwood 28. napa 29. santa rosa 29. menlo park 29. a bunch of 29s near menlo park. clayton checking in at 29. and san francisco diamond heights 39 and noah valley 39. outer sunset 40. south of market 41. the financial district 45. officially it's 44 degrees. cold morning and then mostly
5:49 am
sunny partly cloudy. 50s on the temps. slightly warmer to a hint of a southerly breeze i think for the santa clara valley. that's the official 44 in san francisco. napa airport at 30. and san rafael at 30. palo alto one reading. two below lake tahoe. 16 in reno. 30 in ukiah. it will be a cold day. fresno to 30. 45 down to san diego. so i'm sure there will be record lows coming in. pretty good system here. in fact, it will give us rain. we will start to sweep in. give us a tenth of an inch. heaviest amounts to the north and more snow for the mountains. today is a good day to travel. you might want to hunker down on saturday. cold morning sun then clouds. temperatures today 50s. you want to take a bike ride today, today is the day today
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it. by saturday your best bet will be to get it done early. that will impact the entire area by saturday afternoon and evening. another cold morning awaits us on monday. i head of the big shopping weekend. wall street appears to be confident that shoppers will spend more this year. stock for retailers moved up. unemployment remains nearly 10% nation-wide. but analysts say consumer spending has picked up in recent months and unemployment has improved and that leads to higher expectations for a a stronger holiday shopping season. holiday shopping in japan. for years japanese companies used cell phones but now iphones are dominating the smart phone market. apple which gets 30% cuts of the application sales says more than 3 billion apps have been
5:51 am
down loaded on iphones in 18 months. upcoming royal wedding could mean royal profits. it has been ten days since they announced their engagement and already the first book about them is coming out. william and kate a royal love story is due out today. several other books on the royal romance is also in the works. >> that is why all the people at the stores today. they want to get a first look at that book. what a difference a year makes in terms of our water supply. and it's a big preview for potential car buyers. the autoshow that puts you behind the wheel for a test drive.
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it's a different kind of holiday season this year when it comes to water in the south bay. the water district says registrationer voirs were below 50% compass by temperature it was the third straight year of drought like conditions. now they say the reservoir is much higher. >> a huge supply of our water supply. we consider that our biggest reservoir the snow pack. >> they have dropped mandatory conservation. the people run a family owned business in oakland say they discovered that are two
5:55 am
big benefits to one holiday event. yesterday the two-star market served a big thanksgiving meal to the needy. they started serving meals nine years ago. the thanksgiving feast also helps improve relations between the community and the muslim owners. some community students made sure that the needy didn't go hungry. students from notre dame cooked up a holiday meal in golden egg part. they brought along 30 turkeys. if you made a big thanks giving meal yesterday you might have used cooking oil you don't know what to do with. if you live in san francisco you can recycle that oil. this is the fourth year the cities greece cycle program -- grease cycle wide program. you can drop off your used oil
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this weekend. you can also recycle year around. this morning ktvu is kicking off its annual holiday donation drive. it's called one warm coat. reporters and anchors will be at bay area locations. san francisco ferry building, bay street in emeryville we will be out there until 6:00 p.m. and we hope you stop by to donate a warm coat. organizers are expecting a very busy day today at the san francisco international car show. 36 car makers are showing off a dozen of the 2011 models including alternative fuel hybrids and all electric vehicles. the first time at the show consumers can drive some of the vehicles. show officials say attendance is up compared to recent years which could be an indication for the rebound in the industry. the 53rd san francisco international car show runs
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through thursday. we have details on the hours and ticket prices. just look for the holiday weekend tab on the home page. time now is 5:56. if you are heading out on to the roads you want to listen to tara moriarty. a lot of people want to hit the roads and get shopping done. >> that is right. we do have changes to mass transit. ace train will be not been running in the south bay today. and cal train is running on a modified schedule that is the holiday schedule. you can see that traffic is flowing pretty well at this hour. and up next we have a look at the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic flowing well on the right hand side there. and finally 101 through san francisco if you live in the city or if you are highwaying there today to shop or visit family, be advised monday through friday daytime street sweeping and computer toll ways will not be enforced but seven-
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day street sweepers will be. san francisco police are searching for a kill over a young woman. her body was discofferred in jay -- her body was discovered in japantown.
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